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Gleim Publications has been helping candidates pass the CMA exam since 1980, with the most cost-effective system combining books, Test Prep CD-Rom, audios, Gleim Online, and a Personal Counselor to GUARANTEE your success on the CMA exam.

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Gleim is a proud sponsor of the Calumet Hammond Chapter of the IMA and offers chapter members a 20% to 32% discount on all CMA study materials, as well as Gleim CPE, including the new ethics course. Contact Melissa Leonard at or call 1-800-874-5346 x 131 to take advantage of this offer or fill out the contact page on this website for more details.

Hock International

Since 2003, HOCK International has been helping CMA candidates around the world prepare for the CMA exam. Based on years of teaching thousands of students, HOCK International has developed a comprehensive body of materials to help you prepare for the CMA.



Please note
: Active and verified Calumet Chapter members receive a ten percent discount on CMA Hock material.  Please refer to your Calumet Roster book for discount information